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" ...this dancer's performance is, one is mesmerised with her chowks and tribhangis culminating to the concluding Nritta - Moksha with the dancer merging with the supreme soul. Neat trikhandi pranam, a congruous element of this dance piece with neat lucid footwork made her exceptional" - The Hindu News, Bangalore
" She was the picture of elegance and beauty. Devjani Sen looked like a sculpture from an ancient Indian monument. And with her graceful movements she made those ancient carvings come alive…" – Gulf News, Dubai.
A three-day World Dance Day, organized at the Indian Consulate… will present five styles – Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak, Mohini Attam and Manipuri – and featuring seven dancers…" - Gulf News, Dubai.
" Sen Has performed at the Hampi Festival, Kadamba Festival and Shimoga Dance Festival among others …" Khaleej Times, Dubai
" It needs loads of patience with children, confesses Devjani Sen , referring to her Odissi Dance workshop, at the Good Books bookshop, in Bangalore…" – Economic Times, Bangalore.


Devjani Sen

Contact: +91 9900202915
A great place to learn Odissi. We Offer a structured program that takes you though the paces from the subtle nuances of mudras to the fluid grace of tribhangi.
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Contact: +91 9900202915